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  • League Publishes Spring 2014 Issue of The Voter Newsletter

    Read news stories and updates from the League of Women Voters of Philadelphia

    The Voter, Spring 2014 Issue



  • Electronic Petition to Council to Fund Schools

    Urge Philadelphia City Council to increase funding to the school district by $195 million by passing the sales tax extension or exploring all options for revenue.

    Philadelphia students have suffered from education cuts for three years. A lack of supplies, counselors, and nurses has become the new normal. Although city council did not cause ...

  • Philadelphia Celebrates Juror Appreciation Day

    May 15, 2014 (Philadelphia): Pennsylvanians for Modern Courts (PMC), along with leaders of the Philadelphia’s First Judicial District, dignitaries and civic partners, celebrated Juror Appreciation Day today to recognize the crucial public service performed by citizens who respond to jury duty.

    Speaking to a roomful of prospective jurors, former Governor Edward G. Rendell stressed the importance ...

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Voter ID

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