Local Policy:

The Philadelphia League of Women Voters believes that access to a high quality education in the public schools not only determines the future of our children and young people, it defines Philadelphians’ commitment to equal opportunity and social justice.

The League supports policies and actions that strengthen the provision of quality educational programs for all students from the pre-school level through high school.

Essential elements for a quality education include: instruction in language, science and math, instruction in health, physical fitness and the arts, and instruction in life and job training skills. Full access to quality education requires that schools are nondiscriminatory and all students, including disadvantaged students, enjoy equal opportunity in education.

State Policy:

Support equal access to quality public education, to be achieved by participation of government and citizens at all levels and by adequate financing based on an equitable and flexible tax system. The League opposes state vouchers and tuition tax credits for students in non-public schools.

National Policy:

Support equal access to education.

League History:

At the state level, the original position was adopted in 1975, recognizing the interrelationship of LWVPA positions on education, equality of opportunity, and taxation.

The position was updated in 1985 after a review of teacher and other professional evaluations, preparation, certification, and tenure. In 2003, the position was further updated emphasizing the need for adequate state funding.

In 2011, the League of Women Voters of Philadelphia participated in a nationwide study to develop consensus on the role of the federal government in public education.

Action Items:

  1. The Philadelphia League of Women Voters will continue to support the development of a public school system that offers a quality education to every young person in our city. We will work with community and educational leaders in Philadelphia to encourage government and private participation in efforts to improve our public schools.
  2. The Philadelphia League of Women Voters will continue to work to engage students in League activities with the dual goals of strengthening the League and augmenting student involvement in the civic life of Philadelphia.
  3.  The League will support the legal and legislative initiatives of the League of Women Voters of the U.S.